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Voluntary PreKindergarten

Specialized Instructional Services

Did you know that if your child has a current Individual Educational Plan (IEP), you can choose VPK-SIS instead of traditional VPK school-year or summer programs???

Play on Words Therapy Solutions is one of the only approved VPK-SIS providers in Pasco, Polk & Hillsborough Schools.

As one of the first states to offer free prekindergarten for all 4/5 year-old children, Florida introduced an option for parents of 4-year-old children with special needs called VPK Specialized Instructional Services (or VPK-SIS for short). VPK-SIS is provided outside the traditional VPK classroom setting and includes direct 1:1 and group speech-language therapy. 


When a student enrolls in VPK-SIS, they are able to use their funds for services listed on their IEPs, such as speech-language therapy.  VPK-SIS applies the student's VPK funding toward specialized instruction in lieu of attending a regular VPK program.

VPK SIS is a free program, providing children with disabilities:
  • The opportunity to receive speech-language therapy to continue working on their IEP goals before attending kindergarten

  • Private therapy by a VPK-SIS Approved Provider using your VPK SIS voucher

  • Your child lives in Florida

  • Your child will be 4 or older on or before Sept. 1 of the current year

  • Your child is on an active IEP from your local school district

  • Cannot also be participating in a Gardiner Scholarship

  • Before applying for VPK-SIS you must first enroll your child through your local early learning coalition office

Applying for your VPK-SIS voucher:
  • To receive a VPK-SIS voucher, you must apply through Florida's Early Learning Family Portal, available by clicking here

  • You will need to upload: a copy of your child's IEP, proof of your child's age (birth certificate), and proof of Florida residency (utility bill, lease agreement, government-issued document)

  • After registering and receiving your VPK-SIS Certificate of Eligibility (COE), complete the SIS Supplemental Student Application (OEL-VPK 01S) and submit it to your local early learning coalition

  • Once the coalition has approved your SIS Supplemental Student Application, you will receive a VPK-SIS Certificate of Eligibility (form OEL-VPK 02S, part A) 

  • Now you are ready to select your VPK-SIS providers

VPK-SIS individual or group services:
  • Services may be provided 1:1 or in a group setting

  • The provider must be an approved VPK-SIS provider

  • Services must be consistent with the services the child is receiving on their IEP

Timeframe for receiving services:
  • All services must be completed, and funds spent, within:

    • School-year: you can begin services up to 14-days before Labor Day and services must be completed by June 30th

    • Summer: you can begin services May 1st and services must be completed within 15 days before Labor Day

How payment works:
  • The local early learning coalition pays VPK-SIS providers directly

  • We will work with you to complete the required forms

    • ​You must certify that services were received by initialing and dating Form OEL-VPK 02, part B


We would love to help walk you through the enrollment process. Contact us with any questions or for support applying for your VPK-SIS voucher.

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