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A Convenient Way to Access Quality Services

In our commitment to making high-quality speech and language therapy services accessible to children in our community and across the state of Florida, we are excited to be able to offer online speech therapy services.  

Every teletherapy session is carefully planned to be interactive and motivating for our clients. By ensuring our approach is personalized to the age and goals of each child, our clients make progress on their goals while enjoying therapy!

Whether you are social distancing, out of our in-person service area, or you value the convenience of online therapy, teletherapy brings your sessions right to you. Teletherapy is also a great option for families seeking services from an approved VPK-SIS provider or a Gardiner Scholarship Direct Pay Provider. 

Online Class
Benefits of Online Speech Therapy

Research has shown that online speech therapy is just as effective as traditional therapy delivered in a face-to-face clinical setting. Many families find the flexibility of online speech therapy more convenient.  Some families have reported online therapy is more effective because their children with anxiety or sensory issues are often more relaxed with online instruction.  Children learn and practice their speech and language skills in the home environment which helps with generalizing and carryover of skills. The teletherapy model allows therapists to empower parents with fun activities and effective teaching techniques to maximize growth in communication skills.  


Despite its undeniable benefits, there are of course some limitations to this model. Teletherapy can work well for most clients, but not all. For some, in-person face-to-face sessions are essential in order to support overall outcomes. If you would like to discuss teletherapy as an option for your child please contact us today

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