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Toddler not Talking??

A parent's intuition is strong, but we usually question ourselves. Should I be worried or will my child outgrow this challenge? Am I just overthinking everything?

There is a quick and easy way to get input from a professional. Schedule a Speech-Language Therapy SCREENING. Screenings are easy to schedule, inexpensive, and require minimal paperwork. Our staff can usually schedule your appointment within a week's time. We want you to leave with high quality information specific to your child. We want you to have more direction on what to do next, whether it is moving forward with an evaluation or giving your child more time to develop without intervention.

Prior to the screening, we collect a brief case history form from the parents that alert us to any pertinent medical history or diagnoses, as well as any previous therapy services. This allows for parents to express concerns or ask questions so we can take an extra look at certain skill areas. waiting until academic or social problems arise. A screening is not a formal assessment, but a tool used to identify whether a formal evaluation is needed. Screenings are an important part of well-child health care, and can be a valuable tool for both parents and teachers.

Each screening takes approximately 15-20 minutes. We use a combination of standardized assessment tools, as well as our own clinical observations as we engage the children in tasks that showcase various skills. The activities are play-based and fun!

After the screening is over, the clinician will write up a short report to summarize the findings. If areas of concern are identified, a formal evaluation may be recommended. At Play On Words, we offer the option of scheduling a brief phone call with the screening therapist to ensure parents understand the results, and to address any additional questions.

Play On Words enjoys partnering with area schools and parents to promote early identification and intervention in important areas of development.

If your child’s preschool is interested in offering screenings, please contact carissa@playonwordstherapysolutions.

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