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Child-Centered & Play-Based Speech, Language, & Literacy Services

Serving the Tampa Bay Area


At Play on Words Therapy Solutions, we are a small, specialized therapy practice dedicated to children and teens. Our boutique practice takes a child-led, family-centered approach to therapy to ensure each session is both meaningful and motivating. 

We are proud to be a Family Empowerment (previously Gardiner) Scholarship Direct Pay Provider as well as a VPK-SIS Approved Provider.


Our services are offered in-home throughout the Tampa Bay metro area (including Hillsborough, Pasco, and Polk Counties) and statewide via our HIPAA compliant online platform. 

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Evaluations and Therapy Services

Our specialty practice provides comprehensive evaluations and expert therapy services to address play, social communication, speech, receptive/expressive language, and literacy skills. Using evidence-based therapy approaches, we provide consistent and effective therapy to deliver tangible results.  

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Parent/Caregiver Coaching

Our coaching services are designed to empower the most important people in a child's life with the strategies to play, read, and interact with their child in meaningful ways. We are changing pediatric speech therapy by focusing on training and supporting those who spend the most time with their children: their parents and caregivers.

Family Empowerment

The Family Empowerment (previously known as Gardiner) Scholarship 

 provides eligible children (ages 3-22) scholarships for approved specialized services such as speech therapy. Play on Words Therapy Solutions is excited to be an approved Family Empowerment Scholarship Provider offering services in-home in the Tampa Bay area and online for children located anywhere in Florida.  

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Voluntary Prekindergarten SIS

Parents of 4-year-old children with special needs can access Voluntary Prekindergarten Specialized Instructional Services (VPK-SIS). This free program offers children the opportunity to receive private speech-language therapy during the year before kindergarten. If your child has a current IEP, you can choose VPK-SIS instead of traditional VPK programs. 


Building the foundation for lifelong communication, social, and academic success.

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