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Why does speech language therapy look like play?

Parents often ask why speech language therapy often looks like just playing.⁣

My answer is simple… Children learn about their world through play. Play helps their cognitive, emotional and communication development. Motivation and interest are absolutely critical components and language development, and play is highly motivating and interesting for children! ⁣

When children learn new words in the context of play, these new concepts become relevant and meaningful to the child… Promoting greater attention and generalization!⁣

Here are a few quick tips to add some fun to your daily activities....

Get Up and Get Moving

A simple way to add fun into therapy is to pair it with movement activities. Did you know that some children learn best when they are moving around? Movement stimulates the brain!

Be Silly

Silly faces, sounds and voices are a great way to capture a child's attention. Play with sounds such as a “razzberry” sound (vibrating lips), tongue click, cough, sneeze, or snore. Watch for your child’s response—usually a smile or a laugh. As you continue to engage in silly sound play, you will notice your child begin to copy these sounds.

Add Music

Music makes the therapy fun and engaging. It adds another dimension to the session, which makes learning language and speech a tad bit easier for the child.

Play On Words Therapy Solutions provides in home private speech language therapy throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Our boutique practice takes a child-led and family-centered approach to therapy with a commitment to play and fun, ensuring every session is both meaningful and motivating. If you have questions about your child's speech language development, contact us to learn more!!

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