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VPK and Children with Disabilities.....Know you options!!

Updated: Aug 26, 2022


Did you know that the State of Florida was one of the very first states in the entire country to offer a completely FREE voluntary pre-kindergarten program to ALL four-year-olds? I think that’s pretty awesome, don’t you!?! The VPK program is designed to help kiddos get ready for kindergarten and beyond by building a strong educational foundation for school.

But what about our preschool students who have an IEP and attend a preschool program at their local public school? Do they lose out of that VPK funding because the go to school with an IEP? NOPE!!! Thankfully, there’s a VPK option out there, which provides one-to-one VPK Specialized Instructional Services for kiddos with IEPs. And guess what?!? Play On Words Therapy Solutions is an approved VPK-SIS Provider!! That means your child can still participate in a ESE pre-k class with and IEP AND also receive free therapy services through the VPK-SIS program!!

Sounds to good to be true right???

Contact us today to learn more about this program!!

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