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Using High Frequency Words in Speech Therapy

The words we choose for speech therapy sessions can make all the difference between a good therapy program and a great one! Many therapists and parents grab whatever pre-made materials they can find for therapy; however, there may be a better and easier solution….HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS!!

What Are High Frequency Words & Why Do We Use Them

High frequency words are the ones that we say frequently day to day. They may could be a verbs, nouns, adjectives…..any word the child says ALOT!!

  • Children hear and say high-frequency more often during the day since they are high-frequency! So, if they practice these words in therapy and then hear them outside of therapy, it may start to “click” faster.

  • Life is busy! Parents are juggling their own work commitments, home needs, all of their children’s extra-curricular activities, and staying on top of their children’s academic needs. When is there time for speech therapy homework? When we use high frequency words in daily routines it maximizes the number of times a child practices saying the word correctly!

Play On Words Therapy Solutions will be helping parents understand how to use high frequency words at home to help their child generalize skills. Once a week, we will be sharing examples of how to incorporate a “word of the week” into your daily lives.

If you live in in Hillsborough or Polk counties and want to learn more functional speech language therapy techniques to use at home with your little ones message us today!!

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