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I love being a speech-language pathologist!

I knew after working with hundreds of families at my previous job and then starting my own family, that one day I wanted to start my own private practice. But to be honest, creating my business plan for Play On Words Therapy Solutions was SCARY.

Would my plan be successful? Was there a need for private pay therapy services? Would people like me and the services I provided?

I knew what I wanted to achieve. I knew I needed to create a clear and purposeful philosophy that described my dream business and reflected my personal principles. I knew I wanted to empower parents and create a dream team of professionals that worked together to provide therapy services and improve communication skills.

So after months of planning and praying it happened! I put on my big girl pants, quit my previous job and proudly announced the opening of Play On Words Therapy Solutions. Now let me tell you what sets us apart!!

At Play On Words Therapy Solutions, we partner with families. We use a naturalistic approach and evidence-based strategies to create meaningful and engaging treatment plans. . Caregiver coaching and supported practice allows families to continue growth in environments outside of therapy sessions, and therefore live with increased confidence and independence.

It is our responsibility and privilege to serve you. Thank you for letting us be a small part of your journey and purpose.

Play On Words Therapy Solutions proudly serves families throughout Tampa Bay. If you are looking for speech therapy near you or to learn more about PLAY ON WORDS THERAPY SOLUTIONS, check out or website or follow us on social media.

Give us a call 813-220-2730... we would love to meet you and learn about YOUR purpose!!


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