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Play With Purpose...learn to play the speech language way!!

As a Pediatric Speech Therapist, these is one of my all time favorite toys!

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Toys with keys are perfect to use to support early language skills with your late talkers, or preschoolers with language delays. You can target so many goals and use a range of language strategies with them during your therapy sessions and play-based therapy activities.

You can target a range of language strategies while playing with this toy from Melissa & Doug. It’s a perfect toy to use in play-based parent coaching sessions because it allows for open ended play!

Here are a few of my favorite language strategies to use with it:

· Commenting– talk about what you or the child are doing in play.

· Pausing–put the key inside of the lock and then pause before saying “open”, to give the child an opportunity to fill in the gap.

· Choices– “should we open the red door or the blue door?’

· Repetition– repeat the target words a lot during play. “open” “open the door” “open the red door”

· Copy and add– repeat what the child has said and add another word on. For example if the child says “open” you could add “Open door” or “open blue door”

· Follow their lead–join in with the child…. copy what they are doing rather than showing them how to play a certain way.

If you would love to learn more ways to help your child communicate using play based activities, give us a call!! We would love to show you the way!

Play On Words Therapy Solutions provides private speech langauge therapy services throughout Hillsborough and Polk county. If you would like to schedule a speech language evaluation or discuss scheduling therapy give us a call today!!

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